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Is Your Admissions Team Texting Enough?

The average open rate for an SMS is between 94 and 98 percent. The average open rate for an email is 20 percent. We believe the best contact strategy is one that encompasses calling, texting, and emailing, but the stats are telling. People open texts far more than they answer their phone or check their email.

What does this mean for your admissions team?

Here are three tips when implementing a strong SMS strategy:

  1. Be conversational. Too many reps are typing out long, corporate sounding text messages that sound more like an email than a text. Be short and engaging. Ask open-ended questions to encourage the lead to converse with you.
  2. Follow-up an unanswered phone call with a text. Leads are much more likely to text you back if you’ve called first. They’re mostly afraid you’re going to call them again, so give them the option to text you back.
  3. Appointment/tour reminders. Sending out day before or day of tour reminders will improve your show rate. You could say something like: Looking forward to meeting you at 1pm today! When you come into the school, just let the front desk know you’re here to meet with Amanda.

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